Elaina in Bushwick

I photographed Elaina in Bushwick. I tried to make it not look like Bushwick.

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Cris Cleen {Tattoo Artist}

This is Cris Cleen. He is a tattoo artist in Brooklyn. I photographed Cris a magazine.


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Brooklyn Brew Kids!

I photographed these awesome people for a magazine. They own a beer brewing company in Brooklyn. This is their loft space where they live/work. They grow their own ingredients.



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The Watchmaker

This is David Okosh. He makes amazing custom watches and clocks in Brooklyn. I spent some time with him in his work studio in Clinton Hill and photographed him. He has lots of old gadgets and neat stuff that he’s collected over the years.

David is also a pretty amazing film photographer, where he specializes in tintypes.

Check out his watches and photos at www.davidsokosh.com.


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Falynn & Jared

Falynn and Jared are two amazing people. I photographed them during their honeymoon here in New York City. Twas a blast.


The End.

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Alex & Carrie

Alex and Carrie recently got married! On their honeymoon here to New York City, I snapped some photographs of them. Carrie happens to be a pretty rad photographer in Panama City, Fl. Party.


The End.

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Jennifer + Joey

Recently, I traveled all the way down from New York to Austin, Texas to photograph a wedding. I brought fellow photographer Patrick Engman along to tag team it with me. It was a blast! It was also my first time being in Austin so it felt good to see new things.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! The people were pretty awesome as well. I met some really rad people while I was there. For a moment, it really looked as though it was going to pour down rain. It sounds too good to be true, but the rain lasted for about a minute and then hit the road! The wedding was equipped with some stamp on tattoos and a fire pit for s’mores!

The End!

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